The Truth shall set you Free

Think it is illegal for the Government to lie to you? Think again –

The Smith-Mundt “Modernization” Act allows the U.S. Government to use propaganda to be disseminated to Americans to change their opinion. The original act prevented propaganda being distributed to the American public to influence them. So, the question remains what is propaganda – false information, deception, staged events, etc.? What happened to the government telling the truth to Americans? When “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were announced as a pretext to go to war with Iraq and then revealed that there were none – was that propaganda to wage war?

We all know the power of the pen and so does the Government. That is why they are launching a $40,000,000 million-dollar propaganda offensive. Why is it becoming more difficult to question any event or criticize policies? Don’t people in a free society have a right to the truth to formulate their own opinions? One of TruthBeTold underlying goals is to champion this belief.

On a long-term basis, we need an organized, unrentless, enduring organization that will NEVER be controlled by the opposition. We would like to cooperate with other groups in forming an alliance to promote a free society. Other organizations have influence and have provided an avenue to have their voices heard. We would like to establish the same avenue to shape our future.

Other goals under TruthBeTold include:

  • We have seen the on-slaught of freedom of speech over the internet. Why? Because we allowed it. We know Google, Facebook, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc. do not have our best interest at heart, yet we use them. Why have we not had our own search engine and video site that could be an umbrella for all people trying to report the news. We realize that people have developed alternatives, yet without a cohesive group and mass marketing, we cannot compete. A long-term goal is to provide a platform to include archives, a search engine, videos, hosting. etc. We know that the Government is spending millions to combat any narrative they do not want Americans to hear, especially online. We need a centralized on-line location that will not be corrupted.
  • We need to establish our own journalists and investigative reporters. Can you imagine if the media did its job and reported the news accurately? The regulated narrative of FAKE news is debilitating to a free society. Let’s change this!
  • We need to be civically active and help cooperate with other like-minded organizations. There are so many organizations doing great things, but are scattered. We need to pool our resources and ban together on important issues.