Why do so many people claim this is a false-flag event? Why are people questioning the official narrative? Beginning almost immediately and persisting to the present, serious questions have been raised about the version of events surrounding the Parkland Shooting. There has been extensive media coverage of anomalies in the official account.

Here are just a few facts to consider:

How and who identified the shooter as Nikolas Cruz? In an interview a teacher who saw the shooter (Stacey Lippel), describes the shooter as a policeman in full metal garb (helmet, face mask, bullet proof armor, etc.). Nikolas Cruz came to the school and was arrested in street clothes. The time-line provided by the police indicate Cruz arrived from an Uber driver and was approximately 4-9 minutes in the building, which would not give him much time to put on and discard gear. Other witness indicate shooter was wearing a hat and sunglasses and another eyewitness indicates shooter was wearing a gas mask and deploying smoke bombs, etc. So, what is the explanation for different descriptions and who positively identified Nikolas Cruz to be able to apprehend him?

Timelines from Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO) indicate Nikolas Cruz did not shoot his gun on the third floor. All sources indicate that “the gunman dropped his weapon on the third floor and exited the building”. Later it was reported that shots were fired either outside or inside breaking a third story window. After nearly 2 months the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Public Safety Commission (MSDHS Commission) confirmed people were shot on the third floor. How can the Broward County Sheriff’s department not report this critical fact correctly or the newspapers bring this important fact to light after the Commission’s report? It was consistently reported by the Sheriff’s Office that no one was shot on the third floor.

Sheriff Israel reported that two people were shot outside Building 1200, yet they are not accounted for any of the timelines. How did Nikolas Cruz shoot someone outside the building when he did not take out his weapon until inside the school’s stairwell and when existing building left his weapon on the third floor?

There is dispatch audio at 2:29 that a deputy is with a gunshot victim near the entrance to Westglades Middle School. He is asking for bolt cutters to help free victim from fence. How could Nikolas Cruz shoot someone away from Marjory Stoneman Douglas School when he is just exiting building unarmed at that time?

Eyewitness Alexa Miednik, who is identified as a student was walking out of the building with Nikolas Cruz and heard other shots. If Nikolas Cruz was the only shooter how could she have heard other shots?

Another student indicates she was on the 3rd floor and there were other shooters. Her first remark in an interview is “they told us to go outside so they could start shooting up”, at the .12-mark states other shooter started coming up, mark .54 states 3 shooters, mark 1:01 thought it was a drill, mark 1:53 kids going down and stopping because another shooter was coming. This is an eyewitness that indicates multiple shooters, so how can this not be investigated?

Sheriff deputies were told to stand down, EMTs weren’t allowed to enter, no medical helicopter was called to save lives, and information is lacking regarding the chain of command that was followed to pronounce people dead.

There is drone footage showing “police” tampering with evidence as opposed to sealing off the crime scene. They appear to be loading a heavy duffel pack and throwing it on a truck bed, after the shooting. Why would they do that?

How is it possible that David Hogg is interviewing students during a fire drill that morning and yet they are talking about gun control prior to the event happening? How is it possible that later that day, David Hogg is supposedly filming during the active shooter event and is able to identify the shooter as Nikolas Cruz before the police apprehend him?

Many interviews with students indicate an active shooter drill was to take place. In fact, students and teachers recall being told the drills would simulate the real thing and scare them including the use of blank bullets, screaming, etc.

A simulated drill can look like the real event and many students appear to have experienced this, as shown in this link https://www.nbcnews.com/video/active-shooter-drill-makes-impact-on-students-137508419511